Mission * Vision * Values

The CCA always seeks to promote, preserve, and perpetuate the Texas Aggies Corps of Cadets by supporting former, current, and future cadets. Our vision is to enhance the Corps of Cadets by enriching the Corps experience, enabling a path for cadet career success, and promoting a lifelong bond to the Corps for former cadets, their families, and friends of the Corps. Our culture is steeped in integrity, leadership, loyalty, excellence, respect, sacrifice, and selfless service to our Corps, university, state, nation, and the world.

Goal 1

Actively encourage and support growing the Corps of Cadets at a rate equal to or exceeding the growth rate of the university student population.

Goal 2

Grow CCA former cadet, cadet parents, and friends of the Corps membership by at least 5-7% annually.

Aggressively pursue expanded media opportunities to highlight CCA contributions to the Corps of Cadets mission.

Spotlight current and former cadet successes in business, science, agriculture, engineering, the arts, and the military.

Goal 3

Develop a long-term funding process that provides successful Corps recruiting, quality of life, and training programs.

Fund direct impact cadet programs as the CCA's highest values proposition.

In partnership with the Texas A&M Foundation, create opportunities that ensure availability of high-quality programs to further attract potential leaders and serve as a stimulus for growing the Corps of Cadets.

Identify, cultivate, solicit, and secure strategic partners, business networks, and financial donors to support operational activities which further cadet career readiness and direct impact training opportunities.

Goal 4

In partnership with the Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership and the Commandant, support the design, development, and execution of a comprehensive high-quality career readiness and placement program.

Goal 5

"The Corps of Cadets...it lasts a lifetime." Provide opportunities for former cadets to fully embrace the lifelong benefits of the Corps experience by actively participating in and benefiting from CCA programs and activities.

Establish a CCA Headquarters facility adjacent or on campus to serve as a focal point for CCA activities and a meeting place for current, former, future cadets, families, and friends of the Corps.