About the Rudders Rangers

The purpose of the Rudder's Rangers Company is to provide the more highly motivated ROTC cadet an opportunity to further develop leadership through small unit tactics, patrolling, and adventure training. The training vehicle used to develop the qualities of leadership, aggressiveness, and the ability to think clearly in stressful situations, will be combat patrolling and other similar training as prescribed by the commander. Specifically, the organization prepares its members for the U.S. Army ROTC Advanced Camp and a future career as a combat arms officer in the U.S. Army. The cadet's training will also lay a foundation for success at the U.S. Army's Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, and officers basic schools.


The Latest Update from the Rudders Rangers

An Open Letter to Current and Former Members of Rudder’s Rangers, June 2023

The Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association was chartered thirty years ago on 21 April 1993 for the sole purpose of supporting our Corps of Cadets. Starting with no resources, staff, database, or facilities, we have grown to become the number one source of private funding for Corps programs and events, providing over $1 million annually. Only individual cadet scholarships through the Texas A&M Foundation are greater in terms of private philanthropy. In years past, our Association has provided a modicum of support for Rudder’s Rangers, but that support has not been on par with the other major special Corps units. Major Russell Huebner, ARNG, class of ’06, a member of the Professor of Military Science’s staff and the current University advisor to RR, recently reached out to educate me on the significance of RR within our Corps. Russ convinced me that we needed to rethink our support for RR. To that end:

  • We have established a new RR Division within our comprehensive former cadet database. Current and former members of RR now have a unique label that identifies them as such, just like the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, the Freshman Drill Team, the Ross Volunteer Company, and Parsons Mounted Cavalry;
  • With the approval of the CCA Board, I will be re-programming our annual budget such that RR funding will better align with those other major Divisions;
  • We have committed to both managing and sponsoring the annual RR Banquet;
  • We have added an RR page to our website;
  • We have established a portal on our website where active CCA members can direct additional gifts to support RR;
  • Our communications infrastructure is now equipped for RR-unique messaging.

To better support Rudder’s Rangers, I ask that you please log on to our website or call our office and ensure your contact information is current and accurate. Rangers lead the way, and I am proud that we are leading the support for this magnificent student-led organization.

Per Unitatem Vis, 

Bruce Hamilton ’78

President & CEO