About Senior Dining Out

Each year, in the spring semester, Senior Dining Out (SDO) marks the end of an era. The Seniors wear their uniforms for one of the last times and join in the celebration of four successful years in the Corps of Cadets. Ol’ Ags reminisce with each other and share stories of Ol’ Army days with the cadets of today. The ceremony for the evening is a blend of Aggie traditions and military protocol.  The evening culminates with the presentation of Cadet Awards and handing out SDO Challenge coins, and a video that captures the four years of Corps life of the Seniors. The event is attended by Senior Cadets and their dates as well as distinguished visitors.



A Special Thank You to our Maroon Table Sponsors: 

Cara ’97 & Brian Beckcom ’96

Lauren & Harold Bunch ’76

Candy & Joe Tom Burch ’66

John C. Culpepper ’75

Kay & Col Mark Dierlam ’61

Sharon & William Dunfee

Patty & Scott Eberhart ’74

Tedi & Chuck Ellison ’76

Kerry & Ken Fenoglio ’70

Scott Frederick ’01

Bernard “Barney” Fudge ’66

Nancy & Paul Gardner ’66

Kari & Marc Hoefnagels

Brenda & Danny Jay ’78

Sara & Steve Keathley ’89

Wendy ’96 & Stephen ’94 Kindrick

Jim Marsden ’76

Annette & Neil Proudman

Jackie Purdy ’90 & Charles Sachs

Linda & David Schlueter ’68

Robert Schutlz ’93

Nancy & Bob Schneider ’64

Julie ’95 & Hans Schuricht ’95

Chancellor John Sharp ’72

Juli & Harry Wallace ’79

Judy & Tom Wisdom ’60

Earl Wurzbach ’79

Joey & Eric Wylie ’93